ForwardTech Virtual Showcase

Exploring innovative solutions for GenAI, cloud, and security

June 20, 2024
Virtual Event
June 20, 2024
Virtual Event

Welcome to the ForwardTech Virtual Showcase, where innovation converges with technology to shape the future of GenAI, cloud computing, and security solutions. In this half-day immersive virtual event, we bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts to explore and engage with cutting-edge advancements in these pivotal domains.

At ForwardTech, attendees have the flexibility to choose from a variety of showcases focusing on Cloud, GenAI, and Security. Dive deep into specific topics, explore real-world case studies, and interact with subject matter experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements and practical applications. After the virtual event airs on June 20, 2024, the showcases will be available for three weeks afterward so you can view anything you missed and check out all the innovative solutions individually.

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ForwardTech Virtual Showcase Topics Include:

  • Transformative potential of GenAI
  • Trends, challenges, and opportunities in cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity best practices and emerging threats
  • Data protection in a digital world
  • Cutting-edge solutions to drive your digital business forward