Future-Proofing Security: Key Strategies for Leaders at SecureIT New York 2024

Information security leaders are under unprecedented pressure: from their executives to safeguard data and assets against increasingly sophisticated threats, from the government to report cybersecurity incidents or face severe penalties, and from colleagues who view security measures as obstacles to rapid product development.

At SecureIT, we will delve into the current and upcoming challenges for security leaders. Through case studies, we’ll demonstrate how organizations are leveraging AI and automation to protect their data and mitigate the risks posed by adversarial AI. We’ll also cover preparations for the quantum impact and defenses against emerging threats like deep fakes and social engineering attacks. This event is crucial for developing an effective security strategy.

SecureIT topics include:

  • Lessons from Hacking History for Future Cybersecurity
  • Winning Strategies and Talent Development in Today’s Threat Landscape
  • Mitigating the Risk of Adversarial AI
  • Leveraging AI and Automation for Cyber Defense
  • Cultivating a Cyber-Conscious Culture
  • Evolving Threats: Deep Fakes and Social Engineering
  • Trust Implications of Generative AI Technologies
  • Maturing Your Threat-Informed Defense Strategy

Gain insights from industry trailblazers

Security experts from diverse industries you can learn from at SecureIT

Sponsorship opportunities

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Sponsorship benefits snapshot:

  • Exclusive speaking opportunities: demonstrate your expertise and solutions in front of an engaged audience of qualified senior IT leaders. (limited availability)
  • Exhibiting space: introduce yourself to potential partners and demo your solutions in-person via a booth in the busy exhibition area.
  • Increased brand awareness: strengthen brand recognition through logo placement and on-site advertising.