CIO’s Future of Work Summit 2024: A New Era of Innovation

Navigating the AI pivot, talent gaps & rising digital expectations

February 7, 2024
Virtual Event
February 7, 2024
Virtual Event

The event has concluded, use the links above to access sessions on demand

Attendees experienced the Present and Future of Work: Explore the Harmony Between Automation and Human Creativity on February 7, 2024, at CIO’s Future of Work Summit, a virtual event tailored for IT decision-makers.

Our audience embarked on an illuminating journey where technology acts as the conduit between human talent and intelligent automation. They discovered how organizations can flourish while keeping their workforce engaged, motivated, and interconnected in their tasks and collaborations.

At this summit, speakers delved into the untapped potential of automation, moving beyond mundane tasks. Attendees engaged with leading experts as they navigated through cutting-edge technologies, operational frameworks, and governance strategies crucial for driving impactful business outcomes. Plus, they gained insights into adaptive, agile, and AI-driven learning models, paving the way for effective training and upskilling strategies.

Future of Work topics included:

  • GenAI-driven digital transformation
  • Workplace collaboration tools that empower employees
  • Building digital culture
  • Cloud optimization
  • Analytics and AI
  • Effective training and reskilling programs
  • How the CIO job is changing
  • Supporting diverse, distributed and dynamic workforces

Attendees gleaned insights from industry pioneers

Featured speakers that joined us for CIO’s Future of Work Summit

Sponsorship opportunities

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Don’t miss an opportunity to join the conversation and put your brand and solutions in front of IT decisionmakers who seek products to keep pace with a rapidly evolving workspace.

Your organization can share the virtual stage to converse with CIOs, CTOs, IT leaders, and vetted ITDMs, across corporations and government.

Leverage your valuable solutions and thought leadership to:

  • Help organizations automate routine tasks
  • Develop the strategies to avoid employee burnout and quiet quitting
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